Neil Gaiman’s Best: 10 Essential Books

Nail Gaiman is by far one of the most prolific of modern authors. His writings of the dark, macabre, and wonderfully surreal have made for such legendary novels that have been of endless inspiration for generations of authors, considering the man has

15 Essential LitRPG Books You Should Read

Since youth, one of the talking points of stressing reading was that books hold the power to takes us to all sorts of places. Literary Role Playing Game has the power to take you to a whole new world of great fantasy

The 10 Best Books James Patterson Has Written

James Patterson has been one of the more versatile of best-selling authors. He seems to have written books on just about anything: detectives, doctors, dystopias, and more. Together, his books have sold over 300 million copies. If you count ebooks, that’s over

The Best Books Ever Written About Meditation

With modern life seeming so unrelentingly busy and hectic, we could all use a relaxing escape from it all. While not all of us can afford a resort getaway or a spa day, meditation can be a simple way to calm your

15 Cyberpunk Novels Everyone Should Read

As one of the coolest subgenres of science fiction, cyberpunk taps into a dark future bound by technological advancements and questioning of humanity for such progress. There’s as much slickness to these high-tech stories as there is a commentary on the speculative

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