10 Adventurous Movies Similar to ‘National Treasure’

National Treasure had proved to be one of the more successful Nicolas Cage franchise films. Cage played Benjamin Franklin Gates, a treasure hunter who specializes in those unearthing secrets of American culture that lead to great fortune. Sometimes it involves finding a

10 Horror Movies Very Similar to ‘Hereditary’

The film Hereditary shocked and thrilled audiences upon its release as one of the more unorthodox and gruesome horror films to grace the big screen. Written and directed by Ari Aster, this surreal and occult film finds a family trying to deal

10 Movies You Need to See If You Loved ‘Gone Girl’

Gone Girl has gone on to become one of David Fincher’s most intricate thrillers. Based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, the nonlinear story follows the mysterious disappearance of author Amy Elliott Dunne (Rosamund Pike) and the fallout experienced by her husband